Angry Bird Toys Will Destroy All the Pigs

These Angry Bird Toys are perfect for anyone who has been addicted to the Angry Birds App.  These plush Birds are pretty impressive, if not a little creepy – and probably perfect for a pillow fight with angry pigs.  Pay homage to the heroes of Rovio’s app/game “Angry Birds” with these plush collectibles.

If you’re not familiar with the Angry Birds app, it’s essentially a puzzle video game.  The designers, Rovio, are based out of Finland and have sold over 6.5 million copies of the app.  Proving that this game isn’t just for the birds.  It’s your basic good vs. evil game play.  The Angry Birds are out to get back their eggs – which have been stolen by a group of evil pigs.  If you’re familiar with the game you may want to choose your favorite bird, or simply collect all five.

I mean, birds killing pigs?  Only the Finish would think of such a thing.  But I have to hand it to our Nordic brothers, the game is pretty darned addictive.  The player uses a “slingshot” to rocket the birds into different structures (glass, wood, stone, etc) in order to make the whole structure crash down on the piggies.  I’ve always figured that the birds should have teamed up with the wolf …. Since that guy had the huffing and puffing part already down.

These plush birds are a collectors item for anyone addicted to the game and/or anyone who is all about birds. The recent posting, via Techcrunch, is more of a photo essay, and doesn’t provide a release date or possible cost.   My guess would be that these plush Angry Bird creations will be available sometime before the holiday season.  I’d recommend keeping an eye out here, at Walyou for further announcements and information.

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Via: Tech Crunch