Super Dimensional Wedding Cake – Macross

Every bride dreams of making her wedding a truly unique one, a day that would be remembered and cherished not only by the young couple but by millions the world over. A much talked about celeb wedding is any girl’s dream. Kat and Jerry Chu were the lucky couple who had such a unique wedding.

The wedding of Jerry Chu and Kat had a huge surprise for the guests that literally took their breaths away- the huge super dimensional wedding cake from Macross. This massive wedding cake was modeled and baked based on Robotech SDF-1.

Here is some background information on the Robotech SDF-1. This is in reality a reconstructed spacecraft of Zor, who was the creator of robotechnology. It is assumed that in the wretched hulk of this alien vessel, humans were able to assimilate enough information to achieve great advancements in technology. The greatest achievement was of course, the complete reconstruction of the spaceship, SDF-1.

Even though several changes were made to the original one, it managed to retain its rudimentary design. Two battleships were added, as well as the arm like appendages. Also, they included the civilian populace of Macross Island. This was the idea the couple had in mind when they envisaged their unique wedding cake. This has been made into a sweet treat in the form of a massive wedding cake in the design of the super dimensional SDF-1, to celebrate the happiness of their happy union.

Jerry Chu is the licensing manager of Sega and was formerly entertainment marketing manager of Bandai. His recently concluded wedding at Southern California featured this massive cake in the form of SDF-1 Macross ship from the super dimension Fortress Macross Science fiction anime. This massive cake had several figures in front of it, including a couple of transformable VF-1. Valkyrie fighters also struck a military recessional pose. There was yet another Valkyrie which contained the characters of Max and Milia Jenius in wedding attire.

In the Robotech series, Max and Milia are supposed to have held their wedding on board the Macross as the first human and alien Zentrad to marry. Similar to Jerry Chu’s wedding, the anime wedding too had featured a huge Macross cake.

Topless Robot SDF-1 super dimensional wedding cake really made big news at Jerry and Kat’s wedding. True to their dream, it would remain a much talked about and cherished wedding not only for the lovely couple, but truly an awesome and yet to be replicated one, thanks to the super dimensional wedding cake.

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Via: Toplessrobot