Retro Style Web Camera for Nostalgic Camera Geeks

It is very easy to identify camera geeks anywhere, first of all, they prefer to look at the world through the lens and secondly, they love to discuss different kinds of lens, cameras, and different shots.  With the advent of digital technology, every other person has either a cell camera or a digital one, but photography and movie making is a very serious passion for many. For such nostalgic camera geeks, here is a Retro Style Web Camera which brings in old world charm into the modern geek’s den.

retro style web camera1

Retro Style Camera looks like a typical motion picture camera of good old days but don’t get deceived by its looks. This is a latest mini VGA web cam that’s fitted with high quality lens, quick-capture snapshot button, and there is built in microphone which it can be used for Skype and other messenger services.  It is 2.5″ long and has an adjustable 5″ tripod stand which can be used with the desktop, there is another attachment for laptop or monitor as well.  It certainly seems more versatile and stylish than the usual web cameras and I am sure it will capture and send better images across the web.

retro style web camera2

Retro Style Web Camera along with 2.0 USB cable costs 28.98.  It doesn’t require external power source, batteries, or drivers and can be used with any modern computers or laptop with Windows XP/Vista or Mac operating systems.

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