The Stylish Zero Mouse with Multiple Qualities

Computers not only help design an array of products but also themselves. Time and again, we come across some new design for computer peripherals. Once again, the mouse has been given a makeover. A brand new futuristic mouse design for the mouse has been unveiled. It is called the Zero Mouse.Designed by German designer Oliver Rosito, the Zero Mouse is designed with the concept of ‘reduction’; reduction in weight, environmental waste, and technological space. Its hollow body does take away a lot of its weight.

The fact that this mouse has been designed using aluminum makes it eligible for recycling. This is one major qualification that all the other mice do not have. Technological waste is increasing at an alarming rate and efforts like these will definitely help reduce this waste to some extent. Besides the advantage of being recyclable, the aluminum has another advantage – aesthetic. The elegant finish achieved by this mouse is unmatched when done in plastic.

The symmetrical nature of the design makes it comfortable for both left and right hand users. That adds another feather in its cap. It is futuristic in nature and hence self dependent, or we could say self powered. This is achieved either by using batteries or by a charger. A thin metal pad uses the magnetic induction technology to power the rechargeable batteries of the mouse. All that needs to be done is place the mouse on the charging plate and have the mouse charged.

The charging plate is designed with the same basic concept of reduction that went behind the Zero Mouse. It is a thin, light weight metallic plate.

A computer mouse is an essential part of computer use now. Whether one comes up with revolutionary designs or any old type, it does not lose its significance. However, having a designer mouse for your machine does add the touch of elegance and style. You feel a sense of joy when using it and that reflects on your work. And we all know that a work well done gives immense pleasure.

The Zero Mouse is a stylish looking mouse design that has been conceptualized keeping in mind factors such as comfort, elegance, and environmental concerns. Once it comes into production, we are sure we would like to own a piece which has so many advantages attached to it. Till then, we can only appreciate its benefits and wait for its arrival.

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