Biscuitta – The Biscuitish Cable Holder!

We all know how troublesome it is to carry a number of mobile accessories in our bags. The problem gets even worse if you have other gadgets as well such as an iPod, an iPad, a digital camera, and so on.

Wouldn’t it be great to have cable holders that can hold your cables neatly without being heftier? If you answered yes to that one, then this Biscuitta cable holder is for you!

It looks neat and it is fun to carry around. Imagine you have these in your bag and someone else peaks in, he wouldn’t even recognize that these are cable holders. But, you have to be aware because your kids might eat them up considering them biscuits. That’s the trick here – to transform the concept of cable holders into something much more feasible to carry around and to look at. These Biscuittas are small, light, and sturdy so you wouldn’t even need to worry about your Biscuittas being squashed in your bag among other things.

Moreover, these Biscuittas also work as charger holders. That means, all the chargers that are small enough to fit in the Biscuitta can be used with it. All you would need to do is to place your charger in it and take the wire out from it and that’s it. Your charger is now safe and all pretty to travel along with you.

Biscuitta is available in four different flavors but unfortunately it only comes looking like a sandwich square shaped biscuit. I wish there were other shapes as well to choose from, but sadly you don’t. The mocha flavor Biscuitta is the best among all as per my opinion. It is available for $13 which I think is pretty inexpensive considering the work it can do for you.

So, if you have ever thought of carrying around your chargers in a neater and tidier manner, then this Biscuitta charger holder is for you. Once you have this, you won’t be embarrassed to find your charger while you are sitting in your office. Everything would be neat and well organized in your purse once you have the Biscuitta!

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