Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N550: Seat with Beats Indeed!

You are typing away furiously at your laptop to meet that competitive deadline. You have been at it for hours now. Suddenly you become aware of how hot your notebook or netbook is against your lap. Isn’t there supposed to be a cooling system unit inbuilt in these things?Yes of course there is one, but as gadgets gets slimmer, compact, and sleeker, the CPU chip, video chips, and transistor are more closely set that ever before. This puts extra pressure on the cooling system and when this goes on for a longer duration, you begin to feel the heat. Literally!

Another common woe among notebook-owners is the fact that their speakers are not too awesome. Their volume range is often limited and listening to music is not the delightful experience it ought to be. Club these problems together, and you get a customer who isn’t too happy. Logitech’s New Speaker Lapdesk N550 is just the solution to turn those frowns upside down.

The ‘Speaker Lapdesk’ acts as a heat-shield for the user while delivering great sound experience thanks to its integral assembly of speakers. This easily allows the user to continue using the notebook without any discomfort caused by the heat emissions from the base of the device. Besides, with the extra-fitted speakers, entertainment experience changes from merely passable to becoming truly fun. This is a particularly helpful feature, since several times, the sound quality of an audio file or a video on the internet is not good enough to make it barely audible even when the sound settings of the netbook’s is at its highest.

So fundamentally, instead of making you reach for a pillow or set aside your laptop tentatively just as you get your creative juices flowing, or a pair of bulky speakers with long, tangled wirings to fidget with, the Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N550 handily serves its practical purpose.

This gizmo also flaunts an angled base design that hoists your laptop to provide for better viewing despite the unevenness of the platform it is placed on. The air-weave nature of the fabric proves to be a smart way out by ventilating your notebook while keeping your lap sweat-free.

A follow-up to the legendary N700, the N550 caters to notebook-netbook group which typically have 14-inch screens and are smaller, but face similar gripes.

Aptly dubbed the ‘Seat with Beats’, the Speaker Lapdesk N550 is one helluva nifty investment. It is priced at $59.99.

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