BlinkNow Device- Reminds You to Blink Your Eyes Often!

How many of you have your mothers or wives tell you to keep moving your neck or blink your eyes, or move around often? Which you fail to do because of your extensive computer use?

Here is a solution to that. You won’t have to listen to your mother or wife remind you to blink your eyes. The product called the Blink now device, is an excellent product that has been designed, and will be helpful to each and every one of us. Especially as days pass, our computer and technology use is increasing abundantly.

Apart from trying to be the best at what we do for a living, health is becoming many people’s priority and people can go any limit to ensure that they are taking care of their health. After all, as the old saying goes, “Health is Wealth.” With the same theme, the blink now device is a unique patented device that has been specifically designed to keep your eyes safe from the continuous computer and screen use. Especially in today’s world where; in the office environment where everything happens on the computer through email, web activities, or using the Microsoft office suite to prepare documents.

How does this blink now device work?

This blink now device encourages you to keep blinking your eyes on your computer or your visual display screens. This blink now device promotes eye health and care, as described earlier.

The blink now device comes in the shape of a GPS navigation device, and you can place it where it is visible to your eyes, so every time you see the eye that is on the screen of this device, it will remind you to keep blinking.

This is a very unique and carefully designed product, which could not have had a better time to be introduced in the market, with the immense attention people are giving to the disadvantages of extensive technology use. This blink now device has been developed by eye specialist and IT professionals who ensure that blink now device is easy to use, effective, will keep you healthy, and make you much more productive at work since your eyes will be healthy, feeling fresh!

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Via: blinknow