Looxcie Changes the Way You Record!

I remember when as a kid I used to watch spy movies and wonder when I will be able to record videos of people without even holding a cam. Back then it wasn’t possible, but today it is. Yup, with this Looxcie camcorder you can be Tom Cruise as well and record videos like he does in Mission Impossible franchise.

First and foremost, it is pronounced look-see so don’t get it wrong before your mates scoff off. It was revealed at the Pepcom’s MobileFocus event at CTIA Fall 2010 and it for sure did grab the attention of everyone out there. This sleek yet proficient device is a wonder of technology and you can’t deny that!

What is it about?

Okay, Looxcie is basically a camcorder which looks like a Bluetooth headset. Believe it or not, when you wear it nobody will even know that it is a camcorder. Everyone will think that you are talking to your pals but actually you will be recording them. Looxcie has Bluetooth in it which connects to your smartphone to record the videos. Moreover, you can also use your phone as a viewfinder so you don’t need to worry whether or not the camera is shooting in the right direction. If you want to shoot a clip all you need to do is press the button on Looxcie and it will start recording it. If you have the smartphone app in your phone then you can even edit and view the clips on your phone and of course share it on social media websites like Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook instantly.

Now, if you are starting to think that this is just another prototype device then the good news is that it’s not. This camcorder will soon be available for $199.99 so you can buy one if you have ever dreamed of becoming a spy. To be honest, this thing can literally change the way we shoot videos. Let’s say it’s just a start and if it becomes popular, who knows we see a plethora of similar gadgets in the near future.

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