Energizer’s Inductive Charger

Energizer is probably the leading manufacturer of alkaline batteries along with Duracell for sure. For years Energizer has been leading the markets, but now, times have changed. Everyone wants the better way out. Think about it – most of the manufacturers of cellphone chargers are not really renowned.

That leaves us desiring for chargers being made by companies we can truly rely on. And, that is exactly where Energizer comes in mind. Yup, Energizer has launched its Inductive Charger which is built using the Qi technology [a universal charging technology developed by WPC (Wireless Power Consortium)].

So what is the Inductive Charger all about?

First off, the concept of the Inductive Charger is to make life easier for everyone. Besides, just one glimpse at the charger would tell you how unique this thing is. Basically, this one is a wireless charger which can charge a number of gadgets such as smartphones, MP3 players, and digital cameras. In other words, it is capable of charging any gadget that requires 5 Watts or less. The good part is that this Inductive Charger can be used for gadgets from any manufacturer. It’s not just an iPhone charger!

Energizer calls this charger the first generation charger of their Energizer Inductive Charger line-up and it plans on to add more to it. Also, this charger is capable of charging multiple devices at the same time. All you would need to do is to attached the Inductive Charger to a power socket and place your devices on it. You don’t have to attach the devices to any sockets. Just place them on the charging zone and they will start charging. There are LED charging lights on the charging zone that will indicate whether the device has charged or not.

Here is the best part – with each Energizer Inductive Charger, you will get a Qi sleeve for the iPhone 3GS/3G along with a one-time replacement Qi Door for BlackBerry Curve 8900. The Inductive Charger will hit the retail market soon and it will be priced at $89. You will have to buy the removable sleeve and Qi Door for the BlackBerry separately.

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