Awesome iPhone Table

If you’re a fan of Apple products, and you’ve been jealous of Microsoft’s release of the Microsoft Table, well, now you’ve got something similar to it that you can use with your iPhone. The only difference is that this product is probably a lot more family friendly.


This is the iPhone Table which basically works with, as the name states, the iPhone. It plugs in through a standard docking cable, which basically allows the iPhone’s screen to be projected on to the table.

Of course, this table is still an alpha release mock up, but regardless of that fact, it looks like it shows a lot of potential. The main thing here is that as a prototype, it looks to function pretty decently, and it projects what’s on the screen pretty clearly. The resolution also doesn’t look bad at all.


The nice thing is that the table is also capable of multi touch and thus can use the full capabilities of the iPhone. I do wonder how you’d use the phone feature on it though. It’d probably require the speaker phone to be on, but regardless, the current details are looking pretty neat.

Most recently, the alpha release software and firmware have been updated, and while no official details about the final release have been stated, the design looks pretty good. The only concern that I really have is with the legs, which look kind of odd.

The guys at the Table Connect are constantly updating their site, and more information is being released as development on the project continues. If you’re an Apple fan who wants to really expand their hardware collection, then it certainly seems like this system could work well, if you’re into sharing, for example, pictures at a party. The overall concept again is similar to Microsoft Table, except the iPhone Table Connect is a concept where it relies on the presence of an iPhone device.

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