Lego Chess Set – Fun Time Redefined

We all love creativity, hence we all love Lego! We all remember playing with Lego at some point in our lives, either as kids or as adults – playing with our kids.

Here is a product that will redefine the concept of Lego for you and your family. The product being offered here is a Lego chess set. Now, isn’t that a creative way to play Lego and chess at the same time. Age has no bar for playing Lego anymore.

So, if you want your kid to be a smart, intelligent as an adult, get them into playing chess at a young age. What better opportunity could you have found to make your kid excited to play chess? Because let’s face it, not everyone wants to use their brains during their leisure time. But with this Lego chess set, as said earlier, your Lego and chess experience will be redefined.

The whole set is entirely made out of Lego pieces, in black and white, and looks very creative, and is definitely something you didn’t see coming in the future! The entire set has been made from classic Lego bricks and plates and no exotic parts have been used.

The creator claims that the squares on the chess board are made with an advanced SNOT technique (Stud not on top) which help in giving the board a much more complete and finished look. You don’t have to be worried about the Lego pieces moving around, as the chess board has these low holes that have each piece of the chess set (namely: king, queen, pawns) to fit exactly on to it, so there is no question of the piece moving from the chess board.

This great, unique, and new styled Lego chess board comes for a price of $1295. And the dimensions of the board are 22.75” on each side with the square measuring 2.25” and the king stands up to a height of 4.5”. The whole chess set contains about 4000 pieces of Lego; where else would you find so many Lego pieces to look perfect in one place?

Star wars and jack Daniels are some unique and cool chess designs that might be of interest to you. Check them out!

Via: Derek Sieple