23 Awesome Wheelchair Mods and Designs

Gone are the days when any kind of physical disability would completely cripple one’s life. If technology has been the reason behind improving the lives of the disabled, then geeks are the souls who used technology as a medium to create a better life for the disabled. A conventional mindset will have pity on the condition of disabled, but for a geeky mind, it is a yet another opportunity to prove that life can be made better. For instance, if a geek gets disabled because of some unfavorable reason, he would not spend days and nights lamenting on the fact, but instead, would look for methods and ways to improve his living conditions and become at par with the normal ones.

One such effort has been made by some geeks, who thought that their disability shouldn’t become a hindrance in their path to progress. For this reason, they devised some of the most awesome wheelchairs which would not only provide them with the much needed mobility, but would also make a style statement, depicting “We don’t need sympathy”. These wheelchairs prove that the disabled can very well make and live a life much like any normal being. Take a look at some of the most awesome wheelchairs presented below and you will understand what we actually mean.

Boss Hoss Wheelchair

This is yet another mind-blowing creation for the disabled riders! It has a wheelchair chassis hidden inside the fiberglass truck-style trike body. The new Advantage Wheelchair Accessible Trike designed by Boss Hoss Cycles and V-8 Performance, Inc. is out there to convey a message to this segment of the society – Don’t underestimate yourself.

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Tricycle Wheelchair

If there were a wheelchair for girls, here’s something that boys might find interesting. Most of us know that boys are passionate about motorbikes. So what if someone has a disability? Tricycle Wheelchair, besides giving mobility, can definitely fulfill his wish of driving motorbikes.

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Chariot Wheelchair Mod

Yes, horses on wheels. This is a concept that will take you back to the days when chariot was a widely-used mode of transport. Though I must say, unlike an ordinary wheelchair, Chariot Wheelchair Mod will let you experience pride and luxury just like a king.

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Sports Chair

This cool-looking chair could be a strong reason to promote sports that involve wheelchairs. Once it is up on sale, you too (with or without disability) can show your competitive streak and get set with the race.

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Steampunk Professor Xavier’s Wheelchair

Steampunk Professor Xavier’s Wheelchair is an ultimate choice for enjoying luxury in the category of wheelchairs. It looks grand because of its velvet material, and the range of buttons that give you higher mobility.

Steampunk Wheelchair

It is simply amazing to see that so many varieties are there in the wheelchair designs. Who knew there could also be a Steampunk Wheelchair? Now, the steampunk fanboys can also add this classy electric wheelchair to their list of steampunk collectibles that includes accessories such as helmets, scooters, and guitars.

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Robotic Wheelchair

Robotic Wheelchair is one design that will win a lot of appreciation because of its technology. Built using distance sensor and camera system, this wheelchair doesn’t require the user or the helper to push it. In fact, this smart chair functions by keeping a check on the shoulder movements of the user!

P’gasus Wheelchair

If you have been thinking what makes P’gasus Wheelchair different from the rest, take a close look at its image. Just adjust it in the upright position and you will be able to accomplish more tasks than with the ordinary wheelchair!

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Elevating Wheelchair Concept

Sometimes it gets difficult for the disabled to stand using the wheelchair as a support. But what if the wheelchair could be of help? If you are wondering how that is possible, take a look at this electric Elevating Wheelchair Concept.

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Nimbl Carbon-fiber Wheelchair

Here is a concept that might not only impress the disabled but the rest as well. Lawrence Kwok, the brain behind this design, has made every effort to offer mobility to the users, but only inside their homes. The main attraction of the wheelchair is the magnetically placed armrest remote, which gives the user right and left-handed control.

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Zenith Wheelchair

Zenith Wheelchair is all about absolute freedom and mobility. Josefina Chaves-Posse has conceptualized the wheelchair with a carbon fiber seat so that the users can easily climb stairs. A step ahead of its conventional models, this wheelchair definitely calls for a great round of applause for the designer!!

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Futuristic Hubless Wheelchair

Have you given a thought to the fact that continuous use of wheelchairs might lead to backache? Only if you were less fortunate, will you know the other side of the story. However, this Hubless Wheelchair is a concept that ensures the users experience minimum discomfort with its Apple iPhone-based control system.

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Carna Folding Chair

Carna Folding Chair not only gives comfort but displays a new hi-tech design involving aluminum honeycomb – core wheels along with rubber seat and tires. This chair is aptly named after the Roman goddess who has power over entrances and exits. Not so sure about men, but amongst women it is bound to be a hit.

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NEWS Concept

Why would you pay more when you can get freedom at a lesser cost? This might have been the notion while Ju Hyun Lee was working on this sleek and hi-tech New Electric Wheelchairs (NEWS) Concept which can conveniently be added to any standard wheelchair.

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Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility (PUMA) is the new GM – Segway creation that is designed to get rid of the traffic congestion, but it can be of great help to the disabled too. It is portable, comfortable, and lightweight.  Only one drawback – it doesn’t offer you the zooming speed of other vehicles.

Tank Chair Mod

If you have been waiting for some excitement in life, here’s the right thing for you. Get a Tank Chair Mod and get rid of all your enemies. It definitely gives you a feel of getting all the soldiers out there on the battle grounds and fighting out invaders of the nation!!

Backpack Retriever Kit

The application of a wheelchair is quite difficult in places like parks or beaches. After realizing this problem, Stephen Sundarrao decided to device kits that allow the wheelchairs to move laterally, and let the disabled people enjoy greater freedom. What’s more? This unique kit includes a crutch that (when folded) will fit into a bag.

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Ride’em RODEM Wheelchairs

Either this resembles the gaming cars in a club or the scooter bike one uses to commute. But would you agree if I said it is a wheelchair concept? I am sure you would be nodding your head in disagreement. This Japanese Ride’em RODEM Wheelchair allows you to travel long distances by using a simple joystick.

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Wheelchair-Bound Father

Wheelchair-Bound Father is a design which comes straight out of the sci-fi series. I am sure when used; it will lure many stares for its sheer Star Wars design. The two large boards on the sides, similar to wheels are incorporated perhaps to protect you from any kind of danger on road.

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Spider Chair

For all those, who wish to scare their friends and neighbors away with something as creepy as an octopus, this Spider Chair is a must-have. Though it is still a concept, it perfectly manages to attract the attention.

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Hairy Wheelchair

If you are up for some fun, take a look at this Hairy Wheelchair. You might term it to be weird and creepy, but it surely is a never-before-seen design. On the contrary, don’t you think its fur will provide warmth to the disabled during winters?

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Wheelchair Controlled by Brain

If there were wheelchairs that can be controlled by movements, there are others that can be controlled using brains. Is it difficult to digest? Take a look at this Wheelchair, which offers greater mobility to a paralyzed person by making use of the electrodes attached to the users scalp.

Wheelchairs with Bike Attachments

For all those who are too lazy to move from one place to another, check out these Wheelchairs with Bike Attachments. Just like the name of the company which has designed these Bike Attachments, these accessories try adding the element of speed and fun to a conventional wheelchair design.

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