Mega Man Battles on Your Bedroom Wall with Movable Decals

Mega Man has been a video game icon for me since I was a wee little guy back in the 80’s, and I was thrilled when they revamped the series old school style for the Wii (The new game seemed harder than I remember, although I may be one of those purists who don’t like to look up at boss’ weaknesses. Or either I’m old.) Yet I haven’t seen an item bring Mega Man to life quite like these Re-Stik decals, which can be stuck to just about any wall space that needs filling and then re-used.

It would take some persuasive powers for my wife, but think of the epic Mega Man battle scenes you could create with these things? They’re also an official Capcom licensed product, so you know you’re not buying some under the table knock-off. Slap together your favorite villain from the games in a fight to the finish. At a price of $50, they won’t be busting out any uber weapons on your wallet either, although I would balk at that price if the decals themselves were one shot deals. They’re not, and it comes with a set of 25, which leaves plenty of room for all sorts of fun variations for your room.

While Mega Man hasn’t enjoyed the immense popularity of some other Nintendo characters like, say, Mario, we’ve still seen some Mega Man goodness here on Walyou. Take the mega man hoodie, for example. It’s great not only for fighting off robotic super villains, but also helps ward off chill. If you’re more the stay indoors type, you can whittle away the hours with this mega man Rubik’s cube. No one said that being a super cyborg couldn’t also be fun, am I right?