Lightsaber Toilet Paper Holder – Because Sith Happens

Duct tape is said to be just like the Force – it has a light side, a dark side, and it holds the universe together. I feel that the same can be said for toilet paper, and this lightsaber toilet paper dispenser might be just the thing to hold your universe – or at least bathroom decor – together.
Of course, there are some who are drawn to the dark side; these people are easily distinguished by their preference for wearing heavy black robes and carrying around red lightsabers. If you’re one of those people who have Dark Lord leanings, you too might be drawn to this decoration.

lightsaber toilet paper

I particularly love how there’s a photo of Darth Vader hovering right over the toilet paper dispenser. I didn’t realize he was something that most people wanted to think about while doing their business, but it looks like he might just inspire some action. I’d personally be mentally replaying the fight scene where he cuts off Luke’s hand, every single time I reached for a square.

It looks like the creator of this masterpiece – one Mr. “klontr” – had to bargain with his wife to get this in the bathroom, and it’s little wonder. While I appreciate the nerd-shabby charm it gives off, the piece has a very distinct DIY look; for starters, the lightsaber is suspended from two strings looped on standard glued-on plastic wall hooks.

As for the saber itself, it’s unquestionably a cheap store-bought telescoping model for kids to play with; it probably doesn’t even make “vvwwwuuum” noises when you wave it in the air (I have no idea how to describe that distinct sound). Actually, it would be cool if it was the sort of lightsaber that had sound effects; that way, every time you grabbed toilet paper, it would hum dangerously.

Dubious workmanship or not, it definitely spices up an otherwise plain bathroom. After all, who doesn’t need a little more Star Wars in their life? Besides, if you’re going for a full bathroom theme, you’ll need more than a few bars of the Star Wars Sith Soap and an R2D2 Tissue Dispenser. This toilet paper dispenser is practically indispensable!