Bumblebee Transformers Munny Doll

Transformers fans have often asked me what it would be like if there were such a design for Transformers dolls (yes dolls, not action figures) that were more like model figurines, completely for collector purposes. It’s a common thing with a lot of collectibles too, that collectors just want something that looks cool, without having any kind of functionality. This comes across in posters most evidently, but what if there were something tangible. I think the Bumblebee Munny Doll is exactly what some of these collectors need.


Jan Calleja took the pics of this creative looking model, and I suspect he may have started with a blank munny and crafted on top of it. Unlike other models, like this Steampunk Optimus Prime, the Bumblebee Munny isn’t very mobile or functional. Its biggest flaw is that it can’t transform, because of the shape.


Despite this major flaw, it looks really cool. One of the biggest features of the design has to be the detail on which the artist focused so much. The rear of the figure has attached to it two of the doors, which open up to look like a pair of wings. This actually looks like it plays on the idea behind the name “Bumblebee.”


The facial features look a little basic but all the features are definitely there, and the level of detail on all the different body parts makes it seem like the artist was going for a new and creative redesign of a Transformers favorite.


The model, despite it not actually being transformable, actually looks very much like it can be transformed. One of the oddities though is that, if you look closely at the back, there seems to be a USB interface. What it’s doing there, I’m not sure, but it gives the design the personalized feel.  The design is made from a whole bunch of gathered bits and pieces, and is actually a very personalized looking model. It even comes with a license plate at the front. The model looks really cool, and as a Transformers fan, I commend the artist for coming up with such a creative piece of work.


More pictures below:




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