Joseph Dumary’s Consolor HD2 – A PSP Killer?

As far as hand held gaming consoles go, few gadgets have been able to capture the public’s imagination as the PlayStation Portable (PSP) from Sony. The PSP allows gamers to play a variety of games in a stunning wide screen display. With the PSP, gaming enthusiasts can enjoy playing their favorites on the street, in the subway, or just about anywhere.

Another reason for the PSP’s huge success is that it is more than just a gaming console. The PSP allows users to listen to their favorite tracks, watch movies, read e books, and much more. Sony’s portable gaming console has positioned itself as a complete media experience.

Over the years, there have been competitors that have claimed to usurp the PSP from its pedestal. None of them has actually managed to do it. French designer, Joseph Dumary, has designed a hand held gaming console that could very well be the PSP killer. Consolor HD2 is the name of the PSP killer.

Joseph Dumary’s portable gaming console looks very much like Sony’s PSP. It has a rectangular body with rounded edges and features traditional PSP buttons such as the joystick, crosspad navigational button, and other menu keys. However, if you scratch the surface, you realize that the Consolor HD2 goes beyond the PSP.

Take the display, for instance. Consolor HD2  is blessed with an Amoled HD screen that displays images in crystal clear HD. The clarity and resolution of the images is certain to wow the user. The designer claims that such a superior level of HD imagery has never been achieved on a portable gaming console.

From a gaming point of view, Consolor offers a revolutionary new approach by providing a Bluetooth headset that the gamer can use to chat with fellow players. Another standout gaming feature of the HD2 is the ‘EZonline’ system, which allows super fast connectivity between consoles using WiFi. Up to 24 consoles can be connected simultaneously in one place using EZonline.

Apart from the upgrades in the display and gaming segment, the Consolor HD2 has a host of additional features. The user can use the HD2 gaming console to surf the internet, check e-mails, click pictures, record videos with inbuilt HD cameras, and avail radio and television features. The HD cameras have powerful sensors and a face recognition system with which the user can lock their console.

The coolest feature of Consolor is, without a doubt, its ‘DP Connect Technology’. With this technology, the user can effortlessly connect their consoles to their TV sets without the need for any cables or wires. Once the console is connected to the TV, the user can then watch movies or any video stored on the console in high definition quality on their TV.

If reading this piece has made you eager to toss out your PSP and grab a Consoler HD2 right away, you would have to exercise caution. Joseph Dumary’s design is just a concept for now. We hope to see it in the markets soon.

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