Pluma Track Bike- The Feather Touch Bike for Athletes

We have seen many bicycles in our lives, and who wouldn’t like to have a bicycle that would stand out in the crowd, when you take your bicycle on the road to ride it? Here is just the product that is totally unique and a new design that will blow your mind off and make you want to purchase this bicycle.

This product by Nuno Teixeira is called the Pluma track bike. The word Pluma means feather in Portuguese, so you can understand that the basic design and concept behind this bicycle is to give you a feather touch, smooth experience of riding the bicycle every time you take the bicycle out on the road.

With the recent rise in the evolution of bicycle designs to provide high performance as well as a great outlook and design, this Pluma track bike concept is the result of just that. As you can see for yourself in the pictures below, the look of this bicycle is so stylish that it would encourage you to ride the bicycle, keep your diet and fitness regime on track.

The Pluma track bike is made of carbon/Kevlar body panels, which make the surfaces of the bicycle lighter and make them more impact resistant. The overall shape of this bike will help the flow of air evenly all through the body, which in turn results in giving you the feather touch experience of riding the bicycle.

The effective air flow circulation throughout the body of the bike also increases the riders’ security; which means the reduction in the number of moving parts and tubes where the rider of the bike can be seriously injured in case of an accident this is very common among riders of track bikes.

Pluma is a fixed- gear bike, like all professional track bikes, and also does not have brakes. So if you are an athlete and would like to increase and build upon your stamina for biking, or just to keep your body in shape, this is the right product for you

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