Tokyoflash Piston Heads Design Turns Your Watch Into an Engine

When I first saw this Tokyoflash design which looks a whole lot like the cylinder head pistons of a vehicle engine, I thought that this would be a big hit amongst Nascar fans. I mean who wouldn’t want a watch that looks like an engine more than a race car driver or fans of said race car driver? Well, I would, and I’m not a big car guy, but the point is the design is both clever and unqiue.

The design is actually fairly straightforward. It consists of about 12 pieces of large dots which indicate hours and 10 smaller dots divided into 6 sections that count the minutes. Ok, so maybe not that straighforward. Depending on whether the dots are raised or not tells you what time it is. When the big dots are protruding, it is still mroning, when flat, it is night time. The creator stated that the materials are made up of metal with various finishes and an elastic rubber/soft-grained leather for the strap. If you’re confused, we have a handy dandy diagram listed below that should help clear things up.

Personally, I think Tokyo Flash’s design motto should be “making it harder to tell time everyday.” Seriously, some of these designs make my brain hurt, and I’m completely sober (today). That doesn’t stop me from wanting to get one, mind you, but they certainly do have a flare for the dramatic in watch design. If you’re a movie fan, I can recommend the TRON inspired watch design. If you’re looking to go on a journey with your watch (but nothing too rugged given the price point), I’d suggest the round trip watch design. I still haven’t figured out how to tell time on it, but it makes for a great conversation piece.

Via: TokyoFlash