Ghostbusters 4-in-1 Figurines Set

When the movie Ghostbusters came out, it was never supposed to be taken seriously. These heroes were made to be comedic figures that weren’t supposed to be taken seriously at all, and the creators had succeeded successfully. These characters have been iconic for not only the generation for which it came out, but for generations after as well. That is pretty much the definition of success. Of course, along with that success, people will want to have merchandizes that are Ghostbusters related. People have asked and they have received. Mattel is now selling Ghostbuster figurines. Actually, he is selling all four of the main characters together in one box set.


Apparently this is the first time all four figurines are being sold together in one box set, so it is a pretty exciting moment. What’s amusing about this product is the image that was used on the box. The image is actually a scene directly taken from the movie. The creators had a lot of options when doing this, because there were many key scenes where all the four characters were together, dressed in the same way the figurines were, and facing some sort of an enemy. The main one that comes to mind is probably the scene when the city is being attacked by a large marshmallow man. This scene however, is when the great evil is actually revealed, which is also a pretty epic scene. Perhaps Mattel wanted to remind us that when a scary being ask if you are a god, always reply with yes.

The four figurine characters actually resemble the characters from the movie, which is a nice feature to have especially if all the figures are being sold together. It would kind of be useless to have four figures and not be able to differentiate which one is which.





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One thought on “Ghostbusters 4-in-1 Figurines Set

  1. Dan.

    Sorry, but first of all, the figures aren’t in 1 set. They’re sold separately.

    Second of all, this is terrible writing.

    You say in back to back sentences something about “not being taken seriously”, and actually use the phrase “succeeded successfully”.

    You can’t “succeed unsuccessfully”. Your sentence is redundant. The entire article itself is actually quite redundant.

    Its very hard to take you seriously if you’re going to write such sloppy articles, with no research whatsoever.

    It takes 4 seconds to figure out that these figures are not 1 boxset.


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