Digital Stereo Backgammon Takes the Classic Game to a Whole New Level

Ok, so I’ll be honest, I had never actually played Backgammon till a year ago or so. My wife (who I had never known was secretely an avid player) asked if I wanted to play a couple of games via Well, I soon learned what it was to get smoked in Backgammon repeatedly. I’ve gotten better since then, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to take on this Digital Stereo Backgammon 4200 game.

So what can you expect from a souped up classic game? Well… pretty much the same thing as you would from a normal Backgammon board. This game, however, was featured at the Monaco Yacht Show last week (props for introducing expensive items for no particular reason). It has a large glass screen and a patented sensitive display along with digital graphs. This way you can be so lazy that you can play the game with a light touch of the finger! The board also has an integrated stereo amplifier and sound speakers to keep you entertained throughout the game (although I have no reason what sounds they play and why). I’d imagine this is to distract you from the fact that despite all the ridiculously flashy bells and whistles, you’re still playing an old fashioned board game that’s a bazillion years old. Don’t fret though, at least you’ll be enjoying the game on your yacht, am I right?


The board is constructed of glass and solid aluminum, and as you might expect with a board of this quality, “polished with the highest meticulousness.” You want to talk about the cost? No, you probably don’t. You actually have to request the price of the electronic game, so it isn’t readily available. You know that’s always a bad sign. For a new twist on other classic games, you can check out the 28 Coolest Chess Sets or Super Mario Bros. Yahtzee.


Via: Born Rich