Mobo Shift – Three Wheeled Cruiser

Not every one of us likes going to the gym to work out on a regular basis, or needs some kind of an incentive to be particular about workout regime. However, there are some people who could go on a variety of other things for exercise rather than go to the gym, for example: cycling. So here is a product that will look cool, like a cycle, and can also be a part of your daily exercise. This product called the Mobo shift running for $600 is a three wheeled cruiser. Isn’t that an innovative way to come up with a product for people who like cycling but not exercising?



The seat on the three-wheeler cruiser is extremely comfortable. All you have to do is relax, lean back, and start pedaling to complete your round. Usually we have concerns with regular two-wheeled cycles that after riding on them for a while, our bottom gets sore or hurt, but as said earlier the seat on this Mobo shift is extremely comfortable and softly made to give you a pleasurable experience. The dual joystick on this Mobo shift allows you to hit the brakes easily whenever you want and also lets you go in the reverse or the straight direction as desired by you. So if your Mobo shift is parked in your garage, you can start riding it in reverse right from your garage, as long as the path is clear, and you know your way out of the garage. Another great feature about this Mobo shift is that it does not have a kick stand like other bicycles do. So there is no need to lift up and down a kick stand when riding and parking the cruiser.

It is guaranteed that when you go out with this Mobo shift three wheeled cruiser, everyone passing by will take a look at it and be surprised to even see that such a product exists in the market, it is then that you will realize you are the owner of one of a kind of a product and give you extreme satisfaction.

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