Walyou Random Roundup [November 6, 2010]

Walyou Random Roundup for November 6, 2010 has God of War, Mass Effect Rifle Mod, Gummy Bears Art, Al Capone, Sasquatch, Marvel Comics, Sofa Design and much more. We hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy this week’s roundup.

mass-effect-m8-avenger-assault-rifle image
1. 20 Gummy Bear Art and Designs (GadgetHim)

2. How to Catch a Sasquatch (Holy Taco)

3. 10 Funny Signs & Notices Found In Toilets (DJ Mick)

4. Marvel Melds Video Games and Cosplay with the 3D Masks of ‘Grandmaster’s Challenge’ (Comics Alliance)

5. Mass Effect M8 Avenger Assault Rifle Gleams Like a Villain’s Killer Device (Xbox Freedom)

6. iHome iB969 Multidock Charging Station Offers Room For Most Of Your Gadgets (TFTS)

7. ‘Duck Tales’ Gets the Ian McKellen Treatment (Lemon Drop)

8.  Who Was the Real Al Capone? (Asylum)

9.  7 ‘Sports’ That Aren’t Really Sports At All (MTV)

10. 18 Weird Stiletto Designs (GadgetHer)

11. Nooka Zub Zayo Watch (Geeky Gadgets)

12. Audacious Sofa Made from Coins by Johnny Swing (Freshome)

13. Bizarre Foods: Simon Says (Ask Men)

14. Haters Make Me Famous – How Three Reviled, Annoying Kids Got Millions of YouTube Views (URLesque)

15. Azhdarchids: The Largest Flying Creatures That Have Ever Existed on Earth (Neatorama)

16. Samsung Galaxy Tab on Verizon Lacks Skype 3G Calling (GadgetVenue)

17. Featured 3D Short: LEGO Star Wars – Bombad Bounty (Geeks are Sexy)

18. Melon Shot Off Head With .50 Cal Sniper Rifle (Geekologie)

19. God of War Collection Epically Headed To The PlayStation Network (PS3Maven)