USB Classic Atari Joystick

We’ve reached a time where the majority of the old school games we love are all played on the computer.  It’s not hard to go online to find a crack of the game to download. With these easily downloadable games, it would be nice to have a controller that can connect to your computer so that you can play the games the same way you did as a kid, without adapting to it on your keyboard. This classic USB Joystick presents the answer for that.


This joystick is in the style of those in the 80s. It’s convenient because this means that it will be compatible with a lot of the games that we love playing.  The actual controller is not compatible with the actual systems because it is a USB. Everyone knows that USBs haven’t been around for that long, they only have become mainstream over the past ten years. The actual year that the USB came around was 1996.



What’s great about this joystick is that it is both compatible with PCs and MACs, so it doesn’t matter if you are a MAC or PC person. The use of this USB joystick is also simple. First, obviously, you plug the USB into your MAC or PC, download Stella, then download Halo 2600. After you do this, open Stella and select Halo2600_final.bin, fire up, and start. On the controller it says “top” so you know which way is up, so that don’t need to experiment when the game is actually on .


This joystick can be easily hacked, which is a nice thing because chances are people are going to hack it. If you want to add more buttons, you can open the case. The circuit board is able to support two more.

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Via: Think Geek