Launching Rockets From Your Wrist

With their long cylindrical structure, immense power, and ability to take flight, rockets have captured our imagination since ancient times. The Chinese are credited with inventing the first rockets that used gunpowder for fuel. Rocket technology passed from the Chinese to the Mongols and finally to the Europeans.

Rockets have played an important role in both, Eastern and Western cultures. They have been used as weapons on battlefields and as celebratory items on festive occasions. When Robert Goddard flew the first liquid fueled rocket, they became a part of technology that would define future generations: Space exploration.

Rocket technology has undergone another minor revolution in the current internet age, albeit a fun and prank inspired revolution. The new revolution is called Cyborg Wrist Rocket, and it promises one sure thing – pure unadulterated fun.

The Cyborg Wrist Rocket is made up of grey colored wrist pad, two soft foam rockets, and an air pressure squeeze. The grey colored wrist pad is made up of high quality, skin friendly plastic. The wrist pad has gears, valves, and pipes articulated on it, which give the wrist pad a cyborg look.

On top of the wrist pad sits the two soft foam rockets. The two rockets are cylindrical in shape. The cylindrical bodies are covered with a grey colored foam material that looks and feels like hardened sponge. Bright red fins are attached to the base of the two rockets. The fins break the monotony of grey and give the rockets a visual boldness.

Both the rockets have hollow bodies and can be attached to the air pressure squeeze. The air pressure squeeze is colored black and has a silver colored pipe flowing out from it, which can be attached to the rockets.

The air pressure squeeze is attached to the rockets for a particular reason: to power them. The Cyborg Wrist Rocket does not need any electricity or battery power. When the user squeezes the air pressure valve, air rushes out from the valve into the rockets. The air pressure forces the rocket to race out of the wrist pad.

Because of its design and ingenuity, the Cyborg Wrist Rocket is the ultimate thing to carry along, either to your office or over to your friend’s place. The user can have loads of ‘flying’ fun with the portable rockets and since they are made from soft foam no one is bound to get hurt. You can get your own Wrist Rocket pack for only $12

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