Nimble Noggin Robot- To Help you Teach your Children

We all remember as kids, how our parents tought us to learn and keep trying until we succeed right? But in today’s time, it’s so difficult to teach our children, the same way as our parents did, because nothing is the same as before… time and lifestyles are changing constantly, every day, every second.

Here is a product that will help you teach your children to keep trying and never quit until they receive the results that is the best! And the best part of this learning and teaching process is that it will be taught in a fun way and not just some traditional and arbitrary manner.

The product is called the Nimble Noggin Dexterity challenge. As you can see in the pictures, it looks like a fun thing to do, but it really should be used only under parental supervision. The Nimble Noggin comes in the shape of a regular square box and has two metal antennas on the top of the square surface. This is where in your kid will learn how to have a steady hand over electricity and perform their best to achieve optimum results.

All you have to do is make your child turn the power up the robots internal dynamo, and then pass the metal wand like object, that comes in the product towards the metal antennas. As soon as the metal antennas and the metal wand make contact, they will complete an electronic circuit, making the buzzing noise (that annoys a lot of people!) and will light up the parts where the nimble robots eyes and mouth are situated. This will teach your children to stay away from electricity and playing with objects that could cause harm!

This greatly designed product comes for a price of $34.95, which is a great deal because it will keep your child entertained and motivates your child to have positive behaviors and teach them a lot, and keeps you entertained, too. This Nimble Noggin robot is suitable for children of ages eight and above and does not require any batteries or external power to light up the light. So, this is a sustainable product that helps you being green and helps conserve energy and power.

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