ErgoBook Design Puts a New Spin on Notebooks

When it comes to laptops, we are not really spoilt for choice. Sure, there are a huge variety of laptop brands out there, with lots of different functions and capabilities. However, when it comes to concept and design, we pretty much have to take what we get. No more!

Marcio Meireles steps up to the competitive technological stage with a new and innovative design that he calls The ErgoBook, short for Ergonomic Notebook. When switched off and closed, it looks like a sleek folder or case you might find an upmarket corporate office. Marcio gets 10 out of 10 style in designing this concept.

ergobook main

Tagged under graphic design and digital media, designer Marcio features his work. Admitting that he is merely a beginner graphic designer, he stated that he noticed the lack of Ergonomic Notebooks and laptops on the market, due to the screen being attached to the laptop. He came up with the concept of a laptop with an adjustable screen that has sliding capabilities as depicted in the image below.


Simply slide the piece away from the Notebook and you are good to go. It kind of reminds one of those journals with the padlock or strap that goes around the outer edge.


Once you slid the piece, the rest is pretty straight forward. Open and up and you’re ready for business. It looks just like an ordinary laptop, with the exception that the screen is not entirely attached to the keyboard section of the laptop. There is also a “normal opening” function, which gives the appearance of your everyday NoteBook, just a bit more sleek. The eye level of screen can also be adjusted according to your own preferences. Normal laptop screens can also be adjusted, Marcio’s design has just a touch of sturdiness and practicality.


The concept was created on the 28th of July 2010, with additions added on the 9th of September. Personally, I hope to see the finished product on the marked soon. The concept was shared on Industrial Design Served and received hundreds of views and clicks, and quite a few appreciations as well, which means that I’m not the only one loving this design.

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