SCHEMA Performs Multiparty Conversations

Okay, we got it. Robots are the future, right? I mean look around the internet and you get to read about the robotics so much. Every day there is a new robot being created. What are we supposed to do?

Of course, it is good for a while but come to think of it – what if they take over our world like they do in the movies? That wouldn’t be good and even the thought of it is scary. God save us!

Anyways, let’s get to the news which is quite exhilarating if you are a robot lover. Waseda University’s Perceptual Computing Laboratory has recently revealed their third generation conversational robot called SCHEMA. We got to know this through the video they posted on YouTube in which the robot is shown engaging in conversation with multiple groups. It is quite interesting to see the robot listening to the two humans while they are talking about movies. And the most hilarious part is when this other person comes in and SCHEMA asks him to wait until SCHEMA finishes whatever he was saying. Also, while doing this, it looks at the newcomer. SCHEMA recognizes each person with its image processing technology.

The good part is that unlike most of the robots, SCHEMA does not show any pauses during the conversation. It can instantly respond to questions and can answer them more like how humans do. If you watch the video, you will know how quickly the robot responds to the answers. That is something really mind-blowing. We never knew robots can be capable of that as well. The makers say that by doing all of this they are helping robots to be more sociable and natural (less freaky). Although, I agree that the way this robot reacts is superb, I still am curious whether or not it can handle all sorts of questions or just the one it has the answers to. What if I ask him something and the robot goes all blank? Or maybe it will simply say I don’t know the answer dude! That would be one happening moment wouldn’t it?

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Via: Plasticpals