Google ‘Instant’ Search Comes to iPhone and Android

When Google first unveiled its new Instant Search feature in September, the service was debuted primarily on desktops. However, the company did make a mobile sneak peek available.

Google’s newest search feature is finally coming to iOS and Android devices in the U.S. Google Instant is a browser initiative that allows search results to change and update in real-time as you type search terms. The newest browser initiative to come to Google is now available on your mobile phone.

Mobile Google Instant is similar to its desktop counterpart — it offers a list predicting what users are searching for based on what they type. The first prediction’s results will automatically appear on the screen. To access the remaining results, users just have to tap their fingers on the other listed predictions. If they press “enter” or the search button, the predictions will be skipped in favor of results that match the exact search terms.

In order to test out Instant’s latest incarnation, one must tap the “turn on” link beneath the search box while visiting on a mobile device. Users are advised to wait for a bit and refresh the page if the “turn on” option isn’t immediately visible.

The service, best designed to work on 3G and Wi-Fi networks, can also be enabled or disabled without causing users to leave the page they’re on. All one needs to do is tap the “turn on” or “turn off” link.

According to the Google Blog, Instant Search will only be available on Android 2.2 (Froyo) models and iOS devices running iOS 4. Currently, the feature is only available in English, although Google plans on adding more languages and bringing the service to other countries and devices.

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Google via Techland