Gyration Air Mouse Elite Works with Mac

The wireless mouse world gets a new boost with the entry of Gyration Air Mouse Elite.

Gyration Air Mouse

This mouse proves to be a great possession for the travelers and businessmen who often need to travel and use their laptop in public meetings and project sites. Although there is nothing much new in this air mouse, there are some functions that will be helpful for the users.

The air mouse concept has already made it clear that no wired connection between it and the PC is required; it frees the user from getting hassled in the hotspots of the cables. The installation of the air mouse is just very simple, though at present, the Gyration Air Mouse Elite is compatible with the Mac computers only. The cost of the mouse also is pretty reasonable, only $80, something which anybody can afford.

Gyration Air Mouse 1

The function of the Gyration Air Mouse Elite is just like a regular computer mouse and there is nothing new add-on. The only visible difference is that you can carry it without any hotspots and you will not have to look for any port to put its cord. Simply by placing it within the contact area of the PC, you can run it. It has 8 buttons, 3 are which programmable. This works only on OS X. The configurations might not have something new and innovative in it but again, that is not the issue as it works smoothly.

The good thing about the Gyration Air Mouse Elite is that it is very much user-friendly and responsive. Every command of the user is promptly followed and most of those are accurate enough.

Gyration Air Mouse 2

Although there are drawbacks, these are just very common with some other optical mouse as well and hence, these can be ignored. The cons of the air mouse are that it does not respond to some software and sometimes, it creates problem in double-clicking. Another thing about the mouse is that even though it is portable by nature, still you can stretch it to a limit where the cradle charger works.

But in spite of all those pros and cons, at first look and a demo of the Gyration Air Mouse Elite will inspire you only to go for it and use it for your computer works.

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Gyration Via: Crunchgear