Dell Teases its Inspiron Duo Convertible Netbook

Announced two months ago, the Dell Inspiron Duo now officially has a teaser video. The video showcases one of the most unique portable computers ever, with a swivel mechanism that flips the screen vertically inside the bezel.

When the panel is facing inwards, you have a normal netbook that you can open and close as you normally would. When it’s facing outwards, you have a tablet with a hardware keyboard underneath.

The device packs a 10 inch screen, which is expected to be capacitive (the resolution is unknown). It is known that the Dell Inspiron Duo will come in several different colors (including red, blue, and black) and it’s expected that Dell will provide a super touch-friendly UI coating over Windows 7 Home Premium to make the tablet a little more user-friendly.

The Inspiron Duo features a a dual-core Intel Atom N550 processor, a JBL speaker-dock for an exceptional sound experience, and hopefully a few widgets to put the touchscreen to good use.

Of course, the real selling point for the Inspiron Duo is the full QWERTY keyboard. No other tablet on the market has a physical keyboard under the hood, giving the Inspiron Duo a significant advantage. Dell should expect this device to carve out its own market niche, which is becoming an increasingly difficult task to accomplish with the flood of tablets hitting the market right now.

The teaser video says the Inspiron Duo is “coming soon” but Dell has yet to be any more specific than that (we expect to have it by this year’s holiday season). In any case, the price is also unknown. Hopefully Dell won’t price it out of an appropriate range, which should be around the same price as its biggest competitors (Samsung Galaxy Tab- $599 or iPad- $499). Knowing Dell, anything’s possible.

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