Mustaches: What a Difference They Make!

Some of us grow a mustache and some don’t, some look good with it and some look awful, but whether we like to admit it, the mustache is a popular symbol that really makes a difference. We have proof with all the major personalities and characters below.

mustache design super mario bros

Created as a design ad for Moustaches Make a Difference, the images show some popular personalities and figures from the past and present with and without a mustache: including Super Mario, Gandhi, Salvador Dali, Stalin, Mr. Miyagi, Hulk Hogan, Albert Einstein, Freddie Mercury and Che Guevara. While some have never been in seen in public without one, such as Mario, the difference is kind of crucial. Even better, the images themselves explain the difference for each figure, and kind of have a point.

mustache design einstein

mustache design che guevera

mustache design mr miyagi

It could be simply because we have never imagined these same individuals without a mustache, but Mario definitely wouldn’t be a SUPERHERO if he was just a handyman, would he?

mustache design salvadore dali

mustache design hulk hogan

mustache design gandi

For other creative ad designs, make sure to check out the Dead Celebrities Font Art, the Social Media Retro Ads which include Twitter and Facebook or the funny Paparazzi Car Shades.

mustache design freddie mercury

mustache design stalin

17 thoughts on “Mustaches: What a Difference They Make!

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  4. quietlysurprised.

    Seriously? Stalin?

    With tens of millions of murdered Russians on his hands?

    Holy revisionist history. Good mustache, though.

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    1. frugi.

      It´s because handyman and hero both start with the letter H. Check it out, they are all like that, I forgot what this is called.

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