Turn Up the Volume on this New Phone

“Can you hear me now?” has never sounded quite as apropos as it does when talking about this new desk phone that is designed for people who are suffering from hearing loss or vision challenges.

Granted, in order to use this thing, Grandpa and Grandma may make everyone else deaf. The phone is cordless and amplified, providing enhanced sound quality at a higher volume.  You can also use the concave earpiece to bounce the sound straight into your ear (or Grandma’s).  Crank this bad boy up to 50 decibels to make sure you hear each breath, gasp, and syllable.

Although there may be some practical uses for the Ultimate Amplified Phone System for those of us who are working with mostly intact hearing, it seems like this product is designed specifically for those who need a little sound boost.  (Then again, there are plenty of restaurants and bars out there that could probably take advantage of this phone.)

Other features include four different tone settings and adjustable speed playback for the digital answering machine.   The makers of this device were pretty savvy, and realized that many folks who are suffering from hearing loss may also be suffering from mobility or vision impairment.   The buttons are backlit and there is a visual ringer flasher that will let you know when someone’s calling.  Added to those other features, there is also a high-contrast LED screen and a lightweight, contoured handset.

Feel like picking one up?  (pun intended) You can grab one of these guys from the FirstStreet website for $199.95.  Or, you can probably do a quick Internet search for “Ultimate Amplified Phone System.”

There are some other cool gadgets out there for folks who are hearing or vision impaired.  Check out at least 14 Hi Tech Concepts and Designs for The Visually Impaired .   There’s also a cool Bluetooth Hearing Aid that we reviewed a little while back that may be another good alternative, or additional product for those with hearing impairment.

Via: Geek Alerts