18 Awesome Ghostbusters Gadgets and Designs

If you grew up in 80s and 90s (and if you are reading Walyou, you probably are), Ghostbusters must have been a part of your childhood. The movie has made kids venture into old buildings with a DIY  in hopes of catching a glimpse of the cute little ghost and fight against it. An authentic Ghostbusters gadget would make any kid drool.

To meet the demand, a lot of Ghostbusters related products have been introduced to satisfy ghost nuts. Below is the list of 18 coolest Ghostbusters designs and gadgets.

Custom Nintendo Wii Ghostbusters

One of the coolest Wii controller mods so far, Custom Nintendo Wii Ghostbusters Proton Pack is a product of Jack Rossi’s extreme liking for the ghost hunting machine in the popular movie. It looks quite heavy for a normal Wii movements though.

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Slime Stormtrooper Helmet

For outsiders, it might look like a frog that suffers from serious mutation, but for fans of Ghostbusters and Star Wars, this Slimer Trooper Helmet is a bit of art. The helmet combines two amazing movies (Star Wars and Ghostbusters) creating a uniquely geek helmet that incorporates speakers and a sound system. It was designed and crafted by Nicole Falk as a part of the Vader’s 501 Legion’s TK Helmet Project.

Ghostbusters Concept Hummer

The advanced Ecto Ghostbusters Special Edition Concept Hummer, hand crafted by James Mundy, comes complete with it’s own distinctive siren, the one like in the original movie. It is specially customized to perfectly suit the needs of any ghost-busting squad, like the inbuilt radar, the compressed air tanks, and lots of boot space to store all their crazy equipment and not to mention the paranormal beings.

Steampunk Ghostbusters Proton Pack

There are many necessary gadgets for any aspiring Ghost buster, but the most important of all is the Ghostbusters Proton Pack. This steampunk proton pack was produced for Comic-Con by Mighty Selbor, and resembles the original one to every detail.

Ghostbusters Proton Pack

Another Ghostbusters proton pack, Dan Thomson’s creation is not something you can wear comfortably on your back but it will work just the same as the real one in the movie. Try it with the next soul you see.

Ghostbusters Proton Backpack

If you don’t want to carry the proton pack with you everyday without embarrassing yourself in public, try this modern version of the classic gadget. The Ghostbusters Proton Backpack is a licensed merchandize of Ghostbusters Proton with a gun attached to it. It comes at only $40 – a competitive price for a ghost-blowing design.

Ghostbusters Piggy Bank

Stay puft, with this Ghostbusters piggy bank, not even an evil mind would dare to touch your money. The Angry Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Bank is available for just $19.99. There are also gross looking Slimer Bank and smiling Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Bank available at $19.99 and $18.99.

Ghostbusters Logo Bank

It seems like Ghostbusters are pretty much in demand to protect money. The Ghostbusters logo bank measures eight inches tall, and ten inches wide, and is sold at $20.99.

Ghostbusters Phone

Be prepared to drool when you see it, Ghostbusters fans. This is the promotional phone given out to promote Ghostbusters back in 1984. The original real telephone number of “212-555-2368 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              212-555-2368      end_of_the_skype_highlighting? was replaced with a 1-800 number shortly after the movie’s release. More than 1,000 calls an hour were made. You have to join a bloody auction if you want to put your hands of that vintage phone.

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Ghostbusters “ROOKIE” Uniform Tee

This super casual T-shirt is a perfect choice for those who want to carry the 80’s classic with them yet don’t want to be trapped in an old-fashioned long coat and a nerdy proton pack. It has a proton pack printed on the back, Ghostbusters logo on the front and comes at $40.

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Ghostbusters Tees

More choices of tees for Ghostbusters lovers, these tees come from Bathing Ape as part of their Ghostbusters collection. The tees come in white with different designs of Bathing Ape and Ghostbusters logos for your preference.

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Ghostbusters Shoes

Another item of Ghostbusters and Bathing Ape collection, Bathing Ape X Ghostbusters Bape Sta sneakers come in both red and white for men, women, and children. Each pair costs $200.

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LEGO Ghostbusters

Whenever there is something you love, there is LEGO. Ghostbusters is of no exception. This Lego art piece is meant to replicate the scene where the giant marshmallow is attacking the city. Converting a 2D scene you see on screen to a 3D scene is not an easy work, but LEGO did a great job.

Marshmallow Man Anatomy Sculpture

If you think Marshmallow Man isn’t scary enough, check out this Marshmallow Man anatomy by Jason Freeny. This figure stands 6.5 inches tall and shows pretty much the inside part of the Stay Puft ghost including a half-skull, the ribs and the intestine. Who are you gonna call now?

Ghostbusters Neon Sign

If you usually see moving shadow passing at night, this Ghostbusters neon sign is a great warning for evil spirits to stay away from your house. If you don’t, it’s still an interesting art piece to display on the table. It doesn’t come cheap though. Prepare for a loss of $104.99 if you want to bring one home.

Ghostbusters Painted Woodblock

What looks like a 3D paper piece of art here is actually a painting of the classic Ghostbusters character on a woodblock. This piece was featured at the 3G show in LA.

Ghostbusters Minimate Action Figure Sets

One of the cutest additions to the Ghostbusters legacy are the miniature minimate Ghostbusters action figures. These awesome collectibles stand at only 2” tall and runs for $19.99 per set. Each sets include 4 of the most beloved Ghostbusters characters.

Ghostbusters USB Drive

Don’t get overexcited over the name or the logo on the cover, Ghostbusters fans. This is simply a normal USB with no make up, preloaded with the full-length movie. What you normally do at home with a $5 USB now costs you $29.99 under the distribution of PNY and Sony Pictures.

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