Mecha Walker Robot – Reality Check for Halloween costumes!

Halloween is all about being spooky, different, and weird. We all want to be as different, creative, and imaginative as possible and don’t want to dress up as something or some cliché personality.

mecha walker robot costume image

Here is a great costume idea that will firstly blow your mind away and secondly make you think, is this really possible? If yes, I want something like that! The costume is called the Mecha walker costume, which is made out of aircraft aluminum and sheet metal. This is a life size robot costume, which you would have not even thought about.

The costume is similar to something like what we see in the iron man movies. This is the ultimate robot costume, which you would have thought was only good for movies and something like this would not work or exist in real life. So, when you walk around in this costume, you will feel like a robot and someone with so much power and feel like your favorite superhero.

As you can see in the video attached on this page, the robot costume is massive and will require lots of energy for you to carry it on your shoulder especially since it’s made out of aircraft aluminum and sheet metal. It also has a light on the forehead, which will help you see the way ahead of you since most of us are out until late on Halloween nights.

The body of the robot costume is made in such a way that your arms and legs can be seen and is not covered by the entire costume of the aluminum sheets and metal. The hands are like pliers that open up and close which can grab people from their collars just like what the robots do in movies! It’s a costume designed with great details and very unique concept, which will definitely make you stand out from the crowd and people will remember you for your costume, creativity, and awesomeness of being a real robot and not just like any other normal robot on Halloween night.

It is a good opportunity if at your Halloween party there is a best costume award (which is at most Halloween parties); you will have bagged this award, as there couldn’t have been a more creative and Spooktacular costume that anyone has seen.

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Via: Boingboing