The Steve Wozniak Bust to Adorn Your Desk

It’s a usual thing to figure out one’s love for decorating their own cubicle, desktop table, or such similar areas. But in the present day, how many would have thought of placing a bust sculpture, statue, or figurine on the desk? Very few! Well, lately it is the new ‘in’ thing to adorn the areas using a bust piece and moreover, it is better if it falls into the theme of decoration as part of personalizing one’s own space. Busts mainly came into the limelight during the late 17th century onwards when about two hundred busts that were produced made a prominent input into the French sculpture. Busts of Benjamin Franklin, Gluck, Diderot, etc. were the most famous ones.

One would find a lot of people who collect busts as a sideline whereas other people go in search of busts of particular personalities. By the way, put your common sense into use and you would realize that in general, busts produced are of famous or known personalities. But one can definitely get a bust custom made of their own sculpture.

Figurines help improve the standard and beauty of personification. They throw out the person’s aestheticism in decorating their space. By busts, even bust idols of gods and goddesses are included. By the way, here is something to make Apple fans further mad.

If you happen to be one of Apple’s biggest followers, supporters, and admirers in the world, carrying around iPhones, iPods, or iPads, then pick up the new 3D printed pixel-style bust of the Apple co-founder and tech wiz Steve Wozniak. 3D printed busts are objects that are digitally designed and put together layer on top of layer until the bust is finished. Since this is a pixel-style bust, it would look better with sharp edges and corners. And since the bust is built up by layers, the built gives it the exact look it is supposed to have with square edges.

But now, concentrating on the cubicle or computer table area, the best way one can personalize is by purchasing this bust from Sevensheaven 3D Print Store designed by the Dutch Sevensheaven Design Studio.

Spruce up your desk with it instead of the usually family pictures by harmonizing the Mac book you use. Apple fans can worship it and the non-Apple fans can abuse it. Well, like any other Apple product, this definitely does not come cheap. This bust comes in full color, 3D print of high class and is modeled and textured in a retro 3D pixel-style. Place it on your desk and earn undying respect from colleagues who will mostly be jealous. It’s a vivid sandstone work of art and is smooth as regards the material and color. The shape is very clean and contemporary and pretty much resembles the class all Apple products carry.

All in all, this piece is one great way to personalize one’s desktop especially if one owns a Mac book.

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