Mobile Tail – Enhance your Mobile Display Experience

In today’s world, nothing is impossible, anything you can think of, be it in the field of technology, design, or anything, is possible to be made in real life and use it for the benefit of us. I have said this many a times before, and am going to say it again, that technology is something that is driving us these days, and every person has a cellphone, and is able to use the internet on their mobile devices.

Our mobile devices are something that we take everywhere we go, be it when sleeping, using the bathroom (lets agree to it, most of us do), traveling, among others. With the advancement in technology and development we are now able to enjoy movies, music videos, and other media items all on our phone. So, here is a product that will help you in letting you enjoy your media items on your phone without having to struggle to get a good view of the screen, particularly when sharing the screen and watching with other people.

The product is called Mobile Tail that has been designed and inspired from the very famous movie, 101 Dalmatians, as the tail that holds the phone looks similar to the Dalmatians’ tail in the movie or in real life.

How does this work?

The mobile tail has been made with flexible liquid silicone rubber, which is a non reactive, high- purity material that attaches to any surface or device with the aid of the suction cup, which holds the device you are attaching the tail to. This is similar to the concept of our GPS navigation device holders.

Since we use our mobile devices so much, and love our mobiles and cannot spend even a minute without it, you can consider your mobile to be your pet, and the mobile tail will make it perfect, by adding the tail, just like any pet has. So, if you use your mobile day in and day out, and love pets, this should be one of the next products that you might want to invest in.

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Via: yanko design