19 Cool Transparent Gadget Designs and Concepts

Thousands of new gadget designs are introduced in the market every day. Out of these, some manage to catch your attention while others just pass by. In this article we have brought to you some of the best gadget designs which are not extraordinary in their design, but are unique in the way they have been presented. Yes, these gadgets are unique because they are transparent and provide a totally different perspective from both aesthetic as well as utility point of view.

Lexus Transparent Car

For all you car lover, “Lexus Transparent Car” is as cool as a real one that was displayed at the show. This awesome full sized transparent car is made from transparent acrylic glass. This car is transparent as we can see the seats, engine suspension, transaxle, instrument panel – everything is visible.

Future Mobile Music Jewelry Concept

Mac Funamizu jumped through hoops and unveiled the “Futuristic Mobile Music Concept” that lets you wear your music. Connect yourself with the outside world with perfect music on the perfect spot at the perfect time. Wear it around your wrist, just like a bracelet. It also works as a watch. By default, it’s transparent, but when you want to make it stand out, just change the colors/patterns or use your favorite photo on the background. The lucent screens are flexible to be transformed into a device you can put in your pocket.  And the earphones will give you effects like you’re sitting in a concert hall. Isn’t it cool?

A Multi Light USB Memory Stick

This funky memory stick by Mac Funamizu is made of transparent glass, which allows the light inside the glass to glow when in use. This transparent USB memory stick covers all the convenient functions of the memory sticks. The light inside the glass represents the data saved in it: No lights means no data, lights filling the glass means there’s no more space. The kind of data is recognized with colors. For example pink is for images, blue is for documents, green for movies, etc.

The Future Windows Phone

Hold your breath and embrace! This new “Window Phone” is the concept mobile phone, which is able to transform its appearance like a window as per the weather. The phone is designed as a thin, clear, and transparent plastic sheet, which remains clear during a sunny day, becomes humid during a rainy day, and takes a dump outlook during a snowy day. And for text messaging, you will just have to blow air on it. The screen features sensitive interaction with the user and comprises the state of a window in different weather conditions. Now is this a future concept phone or what!

Glassy Glassy Mobile Phone Concept

Ever dreamed your new unique design mobile phone? Check this glassy mobile phone concept. This is designed by Tokyo designer Mac Funamizu. The phones have transparent screen and keypad, beautiful and amazing. It is clamshell phone which is made of two gauzy plates with metal edging. Each plates maybe used both for inputting and displaying of any information. Besides, due to these two plates, the picture on the screen create an illusion of 3D graphic presentation. Elegant and stylish is what this Glassy Glassy Mobile Phone is.

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The Transparent Pool Table

The “Transparent Pool Table” is a prime example of combining modern technology and styling to produce a unique ultra modern pool table. Special patented Vitrik resin coats the glass surface of the custom pool table providing a frictional surface which mimics the real pool cloth.

A Futuristic Digital Window of Information

Now look through the glass and get the information of what you see. The “Looking Glass” concept is designed by Mac Funamizu. It is an interactive tool with Internet, GPS, camera, and scanner. What it aims for is to grant an interactive guide of anything you look at through the glass. You can use it in order to get information about a building or place you like, simply look at it through the looking glass and find information through Google, Wikipedia, and more.


Designed by Jeffrey S. Engelhardt, this “HP LiM (Less is More)” desktop computer not only looks sleeker than your average desktop because of its curved corners and transparent surfaces, but also offers users a more ergonomic experience with a 19-inch OLED touchscreen that slides down for easy navigation. It can also be used as a standalone tablet as well. It comes with a wireless keyboard for desktop mode and virtual trackpad which eliminates the need of a mouse. The bamboo fabric stretched across the aluminum frame protects the computer’s innards.

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See Thru Iron

Designed by Dong-Seok Lee and Ji-Hyung Jung, this transparent “B-IRON 725” is a see thru iron, with which you can see the part of the clothes you are ironing. It also provides visual pleasure to you. Now you can know if you’re making the wrinkle worse or scorching your clothes. The soleplate is made of tempered glass and heat conduction works via a network of electro-thermal wires.

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Smile Cooking Toaster

Does Your Toaster smile at you in the morning or is it like a grumpy old man? I may sound crazy but I am not, here is a “Smile Cooking Toaster” for you to bring out your shiny smile. Think of hair straightening iron for a moment, similar to that clasp design is this toaster. The difference lays in the electric-heating nano-membrane and different smiley faces you can use to single on the bread. Designed by Xu Yan Xiang, this transparent style really adds to the elegance and style of this appliance. Smile your morning blues away.

Transparent Toaster

While you are rushing to get things done, you may end up with a burnt toast. The “Transparent Toaster” lets you have a right toast. This amazing toaster works with transparent heating glass technology which allows you to see the bread while toasting. Now you can easily turn off the toaster once the bread has turned moderately brown or as you like it.

Vaio Zoom Notebook

It’s a great futuristic design for future notebooks. Designed by Eno Setiawan, this “Vaio Zoom Notebook” features a holographic glass screen that goes transparent and a keyboard that turns opaque when turned off. Turn it on and the touchscreen holographic festivities begin.

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Toaster Tree

Pictured here is no ordinary tree meant to just enhance your home decor! It’s a “Toaster Tree” with transparent leaves to hold your bread. Designed by Xu Yan Xiang, this toaster is unique and adorable. Transparent nano-electric membrane technology is what the designer cites in support of the crisping / browning element. You will simply adore the thought of a leaf-pattern signed to your toast. Toaster Tree is an attractive design which will make life better.

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Magical Transparent Fireplace

The beauty of the “Magical Transparent Fireplace” is that it stands out as this opaque ceramic column that slowly turns translucent to transparent, as the flames flare up. This is an amazing use of materials, especially in a safety and usability sense when you consider that this is a portable object.

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Transparent Refrigerator

Now you don’t have to open your fridge to check if you have milk or if your veggies are fresh. With the creative “Transparent Refrigerator” you can see just about everything that you have kept in your fridge and forget about days later. This transparent refrigerator will show your food to everyone, so make sure that you keep it clean and nicely arranged at all times.

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Nikon D80 Skelton Model

Transparent things just seem more futuristic than normal gadgets for some reason. Maybe it’s because you can actually see all of the inner workings doing their things. So here is “Nikon D80 Skelton Model” which has got completely transparent body so you can follow every bit of the high-tech mechanisms at play while using it.

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Transparent Universal Remote Control

Designer Zeynep Altmisoglu has come up with a remote control called “Universal Remote Control” that not just controls the gadgets, but also keeps you aware about the health condition of your body. Featuring a transparent LCD display, the remote is capable of recognizing the user as a living machine and modifies its transparent display according to demands and emotions of the users. The Universal Remote also includes a blood pressure measuring apparatus, which modifies the environment of the user by evaluating their emotions and transmitting the data to the remote.

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Play In the Dark

Do you like playing chess? So now here is a chess board which will allow you to play chess in the dark without any trouble. Designed by Daan Van Tulder, this Chessboard has got LEDs situated in the four corners of the board. The separation of black and white pieces is made clear by matte and transparent pieces. These blue lights will add a romantic ambiance to your game.

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Cobalto Transparent Mobile Phone Design

Cobalto” is a transparent and futuristic concept device that has been designed by getting inspired from Sci-Fi movies like “Minority Report”. The glass screen of this mobile phone concept has been envisioned to be able to produce 3D objects in the air which is really exciting. The device features deformable metal which will allow the user to function either on traditional number buttons or a dial like iPod.