Incredible Insect and Animal Sculptures All Made from Recycled Parts!

What do we do when something we have gets old? We just throw it away, right? Maybe that’s how it used to be, but in today’s world, we are all about recycling and going green for the environment among other things. So, if you are a person who advocates recycling, this is the right read for you, and do not worry if you are not so much into recycling things, after having seen this, you will start thinking and realize the benefits of recycling and encourage yourself to recycle.

Edouard Martinet has designed these incredible sculptures of animals and insects, all from scrap material. This scrap material consists of rusted kitchen pans, typewriter keys, car lights, and other scrap materials. Martinet has the ability to transform everyday objects into extraordinary and incredible sculptures, all from materials and objects found at the flea markets and car boot sales.

The sculpture designs include fishes, a lady bug, a frog, and a grasshopper. These sculptures look so great and have been designed with meticulous care. As you can see for yourself in the pictures, these sculptures look very cool, different and one of its kind. You might have seen these insects and animals in various designs and in different forms of art  material before, but these particular design made with scrap material is a great idea and gives the sculptures a rich look to it.

If you or your friends and family are people who like recycling or using old things to make new designs or products, all of you will really appreciate these designs, as they know about the uniqueness of such design and material. You are also trying to be a socially responsible citizen by being green and re-using materials for decoration and show pieces.

Lastly, it is also good for your wallet as you don’t have to go out of your way to buy expensive sculptures for showpieces, instead you can create your own by using recycled parts, and you never know when you discover your own talent in this field and come up with a great design in the near future.

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Via: illusion scene 360