The 8pen Android Application – Reinventing Typing on Touch Screen Mobiles

Keyboards were primarily designed to suit the size of two human hands. On a laptop or a desktop, users find it very convenient to type in a smooth, flowing manner using a traditional keyboard. When it comes to typing using the same keyboard on a mobile device, it is a different story altogether.

Typing out mails and messages on touch enabled mobile devices can be quite a handful. Due to the compact nature of the devices, users are not very comfortable typing on the miniature sized keyboards that serve as the input. Even if you were to use a single hand to type out a mail or message, it is a slow, tedious, and error prone process.

For users who find typing on their touch sensitive mobile device a frustrating experience, a new Android based app called the 8pen promises to reinvent the process of typing on touch mobile devices. 8pen does not look or feel like a typical keyboard. The rationale being that new age mobile phones cannot be compared to desktops or laptops as far as size is concerned. So why not have an inventive input method that allows users to type away on their compact touch screens.

A normal keyboard has all the alphabets, numbers, and function keys required to type out a mail or message. Due to the space constraint on touch screens, the 8pen does away with the traditional set of keys and replaces it with a center and four sectors. The sectors serve as the ‘keyboard’ for users to input text in a lightning quick manner. Letters and punctuations are arranged along the lines of the four sectors in a manner that frequently used alphabets. These are placed before alphabets that are used less frequently.

With the 8pen, users can input text in a relaxed and easy manner because the app uses simple hand gestures. Since the letters are placed in a line, the user has to simply move his or her finger from the center to the adjacent sector. For instance, if the user wants to input the alphabet ‘a’ the finger moves from the center to the second sector in a clockwise direction.  If the user wants to input an ‘x’ the finger moves from the center to the second sector in an anticlockwise direction.

The 8pen goes beyond the keyboard by allowing users to save custom messages and their names with signature hand gestures. If you wish to know more about this inventive Android app, log on to

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Via: The8pen