Intel® Reader Announced!

It always feels good to see that technology is making a million lives better. Although that is quite rare, still it’s quite soothing to the soul. Therefore, I take this opportunity and consider it an honor to announce that Intel Corporation has announced the Intel® Reader.

This device is basically designed for the ones who have problems reading standard prints. The sole purpose here is to make lives easier for those who usually find themselves dependent on others to read stuff for them. People with dyslexia and other learning issues are estimated to be around 55 million in the whole USA. And, unfortunately these people always suffer because they tend to be dependent upon others. For this very purpose, this Intel® Reader has been introduced.

Even people with low vision, blindness, or other vision related issues can use this device. Also, the device comes with an integrated high resolution camera and an Intel® Atom™ processor which allows users to point and shoot documents. Once that is done, the device then reads it out to the person whoever is using it. It is of the size of a paperback book and in other words, is capable of converting printed text into digital text or audio files.

Although we have had such software previously in the past such as the Dragon Naturally Speaking and so on, most of them were designed for normal people like us. The good part about this Intel Reader is that it is specifically designed for the ones who have medical problems on reading standard text documents on the paper or on their computer screens.

It can also be connected to the internet or to a computer to gain access to files to read. The overall dimensions of this thing are 6.5” x 5.35” x 1.3” and the weight is around 1.38 lbs. Yup, it is quite light so that the holder does not feel awkward while carrying it around. The product has recently been announced with a price tag of $1499. Unfortunately, that’s quite a hefty price so I guess most of us will have to wait before the prices come down to buy this thing.

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