Watch Out for the HEX Wristband

The HEX Watch Band is the perfect example of an accessory so essential, it’s hard to believe it never existed before.

The HEX is a protective silicone case for the iPod Nano Gen 6, turning it into a watch/mp3 player. Because the iPod Nano is already small and square in design – not to mention the fact that it also happens to have a touchscreen that can function as a clock face – it’s not much of a stretch to use it as a timekeeping device.
hex 4
The watchband is flexible, so your iPod Nano simply pops in and out of it. Silicone is pretty sturdy, so I wouldn’t be very concerned about my MP3 player accidentally falling out. The buttons on the side of its face can still be accessed by pressing on the corresponding parts on HEX’s protective cover, so you don’t lose any functionality with the extra protection. For such a handy accessory, it’s not expensive either – only $24.95.
The downside is that, like with any wristband MP3 holder, you’ll look a bit… well… strange with the headphone cable snaking through the sleeve of your shirt. It looks rather like an IV drip has been attached to your wrist, which is decidedly un-cool. I also doubt that having a headphone cable pressed up against your skin would feel very pleasant. Of course, you can completely circumvent this problem by simply keeping the cable outside of your clothes, which I’d imagine most of the HEX’s users would opt for anyway.
hex 3
Another problem is that the iPod Nano doesn’t exactly have the greatest battery life compared to a typical wristwatch. Most watches – even the super fancy ones – last a really long time compared to even the most energy-efficient MP3 players. 12 hours of battery life is acceptable when you listen to music on the go for an hour or two every day, but it just can’t compete with an entire year or two of functionality.
hex 2
Despite this, the HEX Watch Band remains interesting, and I’m certain it offers a significant amount of protection compared to the traditional toss-it-in-your-backpack method of carrying it around. Plus, keeping your MP3 player close at hand means that all your favorite tunes are practically at your fingertips.
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