The Space Bass

You want to know what exactly the instruments played by aliens look like? If you really want to, then check these pictures out and you will know how they are.

Okay, getting to the point – this instrument was designed by Sarah Ovsiew for her project work. She was given a task to design a product that would fit into a scene in a Star Wars film. And, this is what her brainchild looks like. On a very honest note, I would have given her 10 out of 10 for this concept. It’s truly amazing. I am sure most of the students would have thought about guns and spaceships but this is what true creativity is.

Sarah designed the Space Bass which is an instrument to be played by the Cantena Band. It’s more like a violin with the only obvious difference being the neck of the instruments that folds around your neck. Also, the aliens would play it bare handedly instead of using violin bows. The idea here is to allow the player to move around easily while the instrument rests on his or her shoulders. Cool right?

What I am thinking right now is that leave aside aliens, even humans would love to use this instrument. Besides it looks quite classy as well. I wonder why such an instrument has never been developed yet. Although I am not quite sure how good it would sound, looking at it really gives me a thrilling feel. I am a musician and I know what a classy instrument looks like and this is something definitely very classy.

Nevertheless, there are still some areas in the instrument which I think need a bit of tweaking. But, keeping in mind that it was designed for a project instead of an opera performance, I would not point those out. In fact, right now I particularly think that it is time we should appreciate the designer for her creativity. This is really some great piece of work and hats off to you Sarah for this one! Keep designing and keep us all amused with such classy and unique designs!

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