Medicom Bring a Cuter Side to the TRON Universe

Despite being one of the hotly anticipated movies of the holiday season, I still have my reservations about the new TRON movie. Sure, comparisons to the older and cheesier original will abound, I think the sequel has a good chance of being an entertaining movie.With every good movie, of course, comes good merchandizing, and this Medicom Bearbrick and Kubrick are sure to be one of many products connected to the TRON universe.

Just in time for the holiday season, the Medicom toys are made of vinyl and they seem to be growing in popularity. Generally speaking you see a wide variety of themes, but movies are almost included (see the Ironman Bearbrick for example). I have to admit, they must make good stocking stuffers and they have versions of Sam and Clue, based on the “iconic” bearbrick and kubrick styles which has become a staple of Medicom’s products. You still have some time before they’re officially released, as you can expect these bears to pop out on November 12. That’s only a few days, so you better get them now before they vanish on Christmas! The TRON theme is icing on the cake, and my brother’s son (He’s 7 years old) is already eager to see the new movie. I can’t imagine he’d be disappointed to get one of these.

If you’re looking for some other examples of bearbricks, we have some features here on Walyou. If you’d like to look like the real deal, you can pick up the TRON motorcycle suit. It’ll be just like the movie… except you know, with less death. Then again motorcycles aren’t renowned for their safety, so maybe it will be exactly like the TRON movie but without Jeff Bridges there laughing at you.

Via: Design You Trust