Minimalist Video Game Character Avatars

One of the major art projects that nerds endeavour to undertake is video game art reinventions. Not to say that all nerds do something like this, but if it’s any indication, you see a lot of it out there. Minimalist art is just one of these approaches that artists take, and it seems to work quite well, as many of the art works come out clearly and easily recognizable.


Megaman is just as easy to recognize. These designs are recognizable across the board, which was designer Infinite Continue’s plan, as he experimented in making simplified versions of popular video game avatars. Among the set are other designs, like Donkey Kong. Of course, Donkey Kong is well known for his tie and gorilla body, so this is what was used for his design.


Donkey Kong’s design actually shows the flexibility of the artist, as he uses different features which simply has the effect of creating designs that are iconic and easy to recognize.


Samus’s visor is probably what makes her design recognizable, but it’s another example of the variety of parts that the artist is capable of working with.


Bayonetta is probably one of the more detailed designs, as her design has glasses, decorations, and her beauty spot at the bottom. Of course, it looks like more color is used for her glasses, but that actually makes her iconic look more correct.


This is War, from Darksiders. This is a character from a relatively new game, so it’s not necessarily easy to recognize, but he does have a simple design that works really well.


This is the design for Helghast from the Killzone series. I think his design is pretty cool because it isn’t especially different from what’s on the cover of the games.


Clank looks pretty cool this way, and it is again very simple, but very iconic.


Who could forget Master Chief? Of course, I would have liked to see a little more from his design, but being that this is simple, it does work.


Finally, there’s Kratos from the God of War series. His design looks really well done, and of course, the iconic tattoo looks really nice. I wonder though whether people might confuse this with Mr. T because of the facial hair at the bottom.

The designs over all are really well done, and I would certainly like to see more from this artist.

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