La Cimbali and Faema Coffee Machine Concepts Invigorate the Eyes and the Body

There is nothing better than waking up to a nice and hot cup of java. I’m not talking about waking up to headache-inducing millions of lines of code, or the picturesque Indonesian Island. I’m referring to coffee, the decoction of life. Just like we can never have enough coffee, there can never be enough coffee machines.La Cimbali Front
Design concepts which provide an ideal combo of design and function always capture our imaginations here at Walyou. Ever since I first had the unique privilege of using a manual Italian coffee machine at a pie shop I used to work at (yes, you read that right), I’ve always been fascinated by the evolution of coffee machines.

La Cimbali Q10 Detail
Manufacturers have been cramming in some interesting features in the latest coffee machines, like this coffee machine that sings, or the xelsis digital coffee maker that stores the way you take your coffee and then makes it once you present your finger to the fingerprint scanner. To a true coffee connoisseur though, what matters is the taste and the aroma, and they think little of such gimmicks.

la Cimbali Q10 Above
Though different coffees from different regions have their own characteristics and methods of consumption, Italy was the first country in Europe to enjoy coffee, as they traded with the Muslim world of that time, where coffee was first heavily produced and traded as a commodity. It is thus no surprise that Italian designer Daniele Pesaresi’s La Cimbali and Faema concepts remain true to the intended function of coffee machines, coupled with eye-catching design.

La Cimbali Q10 Double View
The La Cimbali Q10 coffee machine features a hot water and coffee boiler with a built in coffee grinder and tea/chocolate dispenser. The best espresso is extracted using pressurized steam, so a steam boiler equipped with smart boiler system is also present.

Faema Side

Add continuous-delivery, automatic washing and “Ruveco Teck Technology” to the mix, and you have a coffee machine fit for kings. We also love the color scheme, the rounded edges and the attractive buttons. There are two versions, one with buttons and other, touchscreen.

Faema Detail

Just like we have different flavors of coffee, we also have different flavors of coffee machines. The Faema Barcode’s white, silver, and blue theme provides a contrast to the the La Cimbali’s black, silver, and orange. We personally prefer the former, there’s something mysterious about black which no white or silver can beat. Maybe it’s because I prefer my Americanos to adulterated cappucinos and mochas.

Faema Double
Check the link to view more details, and to see other awesome concepts by the artist.