Don’t Throw Away Your Old NES – Make it a DVD Player!

We all miss those days when the NES was probably the best gaming console. Today we have the Xbox,Wii, and of course, the PlayStation. But when you look at that classic console lying under your bag worth nothing, you feel bad right? To be honest, every gamer who has ever loved the NES console feels bad about that. The golden days of gaming are now over.

You want to show your kids the console you used to play with but unfortunately, you can’t because they have better ones. So what to do? There are two options left now – either keep that old school console as a memorabilia of good days or utilize it and make something out of it!

If you want to go with the second option then here is something for you. Somebody somewhere came up with this idea of transforming your old NES into a DVD player. That might sound weird for a while but think of it – you would not only save money, instead you turn your old school beloved lady into something unique that everyone would appreciate. So here is what you need to do…

Things you will need:

– A screwdriver

– Of course, your old NES

– A Dremel

– A silicon gun

Now, your first step is to take the circuitry out of an old DVD player and integrating it in your NES case. You will need to chop the edges a bit so don’t be hesitant on doing that. Once you have fit the circuitry, you can then utilize the NES power button to turn on your NES DVD player. Actually you can use all of the buttons to perform the same functions a standard DVD player would such as utilizing the Reset button for ejecting the disk and so on.

Isn’t that cool? For all the NES lovers, having an NES DVD player would be the best possible thing ever happened in 2010. If you really loved your NES once then this is the chance to bring it back to use!

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Via: lifehacker