Medicome Toy BearBrick Speakers for your iPhone and iPod

In the words of Red Auerbach, “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Hence, we all know why some of us find music to touch our soul and help us relax. And in today’s period of constant innovation in technology, most of us own the best of the best phones/PDA’s that enable us to enjoy songs, videos, and other multimedia items.

The iPhone is a phone that a lot of people adore and those who own this would never switch to another phone brand, as they like to be different and love the features of the iPhone, which I think are certainly worth liking as the it is different from the other phones in the market and it to stand out among others phones.

So, this product is for all the iPhone users in the house, here is another great gadget to accessorize your iPhone with. The product being reviewed here is the Medicome Toy Bear brick speaker system. The speakers are unique and in the design of a teddy bear, which is available in two colors, black and white.

This speaker adds a slight touch of class to your style and iPhone when listening to music, as the iPhone looks great when placed in the dock of the bear brick speaker system. There is a rectangular block in front of the body of the teddy bear where the iPhone can fit in and sync with the speakers, so you can blast you music out loud. There are buttons to control the volume on the dock, so you can adjust it according to your mood and setting of the room.

These bear brick speakers work not only with your iPhone but also with your iPod, so for all the people who own an iPod, this gadget is perfect for your use. This gadget is small in size and portable so you can use this in your car or maybe on your desk, and also have a larger speaker system in your living room. In other words, you can listen to music when and where you want and not have to stay where your larger speaker system is, which cannot be carried around. And you can get this great bear brick system which looks very adorable and cute for a great price of $183.

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Via: Hypebeast