Tactile+Plus Stick-On Gaming Buttons For Smartphone Holders

With numerous advancements and enhancements in the gaming and technological world, the gamers have always been benefited and this time as well, there is lot to cheer up and get delighted for which the credit goes to the Tokimeki Mall.


Mobile phone gaming has achieved a new dimension with the newly released concept of Tactile+Plus stick-on buttons which has been brought into the limelight by the Tokimeki Mall, a Japanese online retailer. People, who are still in doubt regarding the specialty of these buttons, will surely be left delighted to hear it that through these stick-on buttons they will be able to play games in the touchscreen of their smartphones at much ease.

Mobile phone gaming has always been able to attract the gamers as there is no restriction on the mobility of the gamer as regards of the time and place. The mobile phone gaming concept now has even turned more striking with the advent of the latest technologies in which the touchscreen feature of the mobile phones is a nameable factor.

Playing games right at the tip of the fingers has not only made it easy to play but realistic as well. And now, with the invention of these Tactile+Plus stick-on buttons, the little bit of difficulties of touchscreen gaming too have been lessened. So, basically the good thing is that the gamers who were not much comfortable with the touchscreen gaming features and could not navigate the screen on the tip of their finger will be relieved greatly.

The Tactile+Plus stick-on buttons gives the feel of playing through a real control-pad with small plastic nubbins. As these nubbins are placed on the touchscreen, a pressure on these buttons will transfer the stress directly to the touchscreen with an accurate and immediate outcome. The online retailer is hoping that these stick-on buttons will work on any touchscreen smartphone and if that happens then it will be the best opportunity for the gamers to enjoy all latest and interesting games with double attention.

The even better news is that these stick-on gaming buttons are available for purchase just at a cost of $7.80. The website of the Tokimeki Mall has this product currently available for all that is just a few clicks away! So, it is perhaps the right time for the gamers to start collecting all exacting games in their touchscreen smartphones and get ready to give it a try by the use of these Tactile+Plus stick-on buttons.

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