Lego Minifig Sith Alarm Clock – Another Awesome Star Wars Collectible

You might have seen many Star Wars collectibles, and loved each and every one of them if you are a true fan. Here is another collectible that has to be number one on you must have list.

The product is a Lego Minifig Sith Alarm Clock. If you have seen the Star Wars series, you know about Sith, if you haven’t here is what this character is all about. The Sith are portrayed in the Star Wars series as individuals who are willing to use the dark side to gain power at any cost. So, you can say that with these alarm clocks, the power of time management will be in your hands, as you will be shown the time by your very own Star Wars Sith.

The alarm clock available in white as the Storm Trooper and black as Darth Vader is a perfect fit be it your desk and by your bed side among other places. This Lego minifig alarm clock is suitable for ages six and above, so be sure to keep the alarm clock away from children, not that it can cause any harm but we better be safe than be sorry.

An interesting feature of this Lego minifig alarm clock is that its legs and arms can be altered and you can make them into any shape you like, so make your alarm clock sit or stand so that you can view the time easily. The time on this Lego minifig alarm clock is displayed in the stomach part, so that the time is clearly visible. The 8” tall minifig alarm clock comes for a price of $29.99. Don’t keep the price from getting you hold of this awesome Star Wars collectible cum alarm clock.

We all need alarm clocks to remind us of the time and our tasks due at a particular time, especially since time is flying by and you lose track of it. What better way could you have yourself reminded of the time, than your own Star Wars Sith showing it to you.

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