GingerBoard: Gingerbread Motherboard

We’ve seen our fair share of cake related artwork that revolves around geeky and nerdy material. It never actually loses its kick. The same concept applies to gingerbread creations.They’re not as common as the cakes are but this is probably because cakes are used for a lot more celebrations than gingerbread creations are. Let’s face it, the only time we really get creative about gingerbread is during Christmas time (though, of course, there are some exceptions). The creator of this gingerboard probably had a love for computers and, obviously, motherboards.Gingerbread

The biggest difference between making cake art in gingerbread art is the fact that cakes have more leeway when it comes to molding and shaping. Most people buy pre-bought gingerbread and then put the creation together afterward. That is usually the process for creating gingerbread houses. This basically entails a stiffness in creating abilities, but if you have the right imagination, you can create a variety of different things. Luckily for this creator, the shapes that create a motherboard are the exact shape the gingerbread cookies are: rectangles. The complexity of the design comes from what is actually on the board, which is an easy obstacle to overcome.

The creator used chocolates and icing to design what is on the board. The gingerbread is only used as a basic structure. There are some recognizable chocolates on them such as Smarties and  generic milk chocolate bars. I hope that the twisted brown bits on the side are actually painted Twizlers and not pasta. It probably would be a better choice to have all candy on top of the house rather than ingredients that need to be prepared before eaten!

Overall it is a great design and it looks delicious.

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Via: Bits and Pieces.